Junior Market Goat Show

Junior Market Goat Schedule

Monday August 22nd

Weigh-in 8:00 – 9:00 p.m.

Tuesday August 23rd

Weigh-in 9:00 am to 10:00 am (Green Scale) North end of lamb & goat barn

Junior Market Goat Show 3:00 pm (large indoor arena)

Wednesday August 24th

Junior Market Goat Showmanship 6:30 p.m.



Blue ……………..$6.00




Stetson Summers – Market Goat Director – 435-230-3589

Gene Stephens – Assistant Director – 435-279-0799

Allison Huggins – Assistant Director – 435-279-3330



  1. All market goats must meet standard health requirements as determined by the director and attending veterinarian.  Any sick animal will not be displayed and must be removed from the show immediately.
  2. Animals are entered at owner’s own risk, but everything will be done to assure the safety of the exhibit.
  3. Each owner will be responsible to see that their entries are fed and watered, and pens are kept clean daily.
  4. All male goats must be castrated a minimum of 60 days before the show.  No billy goats will be permitted to show.
  5. All market goats must have been owned and fed in the county by the exhibitor at least 60 days prior to the show.  Individual ownership shall be indicated at the assigned tagging date for market goats.  One last chance tagging will be offered with a $50 charge for all late animals tagged.
  6. Exhibitor must be a registered 4-H/FFA member of Box Elder County and attend a Box Elder County School.  Exhibitors must abide by the general rules to participate in the Market Goat show. 
  7. Market goats show will be open to all doelings and wethers.  All market animals must have a scrapies identification tag.
  8. 4-H/FFA members can tag an unlimited amount of goats for Box Elder County fair. Exhibitors must be registered with Box Elder Junior Livestock, and have purchased the correct amount of animal credits.  Families with a registered 4-H/FFA member may use a family alternate project animal if the project is used by an immediate family member. ( brother or sister)  If a tag is displaced a market goat committee member must be made aware of it as soon as it happens.  No doeling entered in the market goat show will be permitted to show in the breeding/novelty show.
  9. All market goats must be a minimum of 65 pounds and a maximum of 110 pounds at the time of weigh in.   Goats may cross the scale one time only.  Any goat absent from the scheduled weigh in will not be allowed to show.  All goats must be under one year of age at the time of the show.  The committee reserves the right to check any goat for milk teeth if any question arises. 
  10. NO vaccinations or antibiotics may be given to a goat 30 days prior to the fair.  All withdrawal times of any medications used must be strictly adhered to.


Market Goat Show

  1.  All market goats will be placed in classes by weight.
  2. All star choice animals, as noted by the judge, will return for a division champion, and reserve champion class.   Three divisions will be acknowledged as light weight, medium weight, and heavy weight.  Each division grand and reserve champion will return for the final over-all grand and reserve champion class. 
  3.  All market goats will be clipped down to 3/8  of an inch or shorter.


Market Goat Showmanship

  1. Showmanship is open to all 4-H/FFA members exhibiting a market goat at the county fair.
  2.  Showmanship classes will be in 3 groups:
  1. 3rd – 5th grade Juniors.
  2. 6th -8th grade Intermediate.
  3. 9th – 12th grade Seniors.


Market Goat Display contest

A prize will be given to one individual or club for the best pen display.  The display needs to be finished by Wednesday morning and needs to highlight the individual, family or club.  We would like to see displays that also educate the public.