2022 Livestock Clinic Dates and Topics

Please Note: With a change in USU Extension Agents additional clinics may be made available and will be announced at a later time.


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March 9, 2022- 6-8pm
Livestock First Time Exhibitor Clinic (taught by BEJL Ambassadors)
Fairgrounds (Auction Barn and Museum Building)
6pm-first time goat exhibitor
6pm-first time hog exhibitor
7pm-first time lamb exhibitor
7pm-first time steer exhibitor

March 15, 2022- 6-8 pm
Bear River Valley Co-Op
Hog, Lamb, and Goat Feed/Equipment
6pm- market hogs
7pm- market lambs and goats

April 19th at 6pm
Swine Only ShowRite & IFA Show Feed Meeting BE Fairgrounds

May 19, 2022- 6pm- ONLINE
Livestock Etiquette Clinic
*All Species*



JUNE 29 Fitting Clinic 

      Auction Barn/Wash Racks

6 pm Sheep

6 pm Steers

7 pm Goats

7 pm Hogs


JULY 21 Biosecurity and Disease Prevention/Management

     6:30 pm Auction Barn


AUGUST 5 Showmanship Clinic

      Big Indoor Arena

Ambassador Fundraiser: Hands on learning experience with coaching and advice to prepare yourself as a showman

$10 per youth& Please bring a food drive item PRE REGISTRATION REQUIRED HERE

6-6:30pm 40 Sheep Spots - 40 Goat Spots - 4 Steer Spots      

6:30-7:00pm  40 Sheep Spots - 40 Goat Spots - 4 Steer Spots                       

7-7:30pm  40 Sheep Spots - 40 Goat Spots - 4 Steer Spots 

  8 pm     Hog Clinic

*Animals with signs of fungus or skin disease will not be allowed to participate. 


August 6th  Showmanship Pre Show

Try your hand at being judged- Prizes awarded for top showman in each species and age division

7am Hogs Auction Barn

8 am Steers Big Indoor Arena

9 am Goats     Big Indoor Arena   

10 am Lambs Big Indoor Arena


August 13  BEJL Service Project

      9am Fairgrounds S Entrance by Arch