Submission Deadline: October 15

Box Elder Junior Livestock Show 

 4-H Portfolios Submission... ** If you already submitted your portfolio to the 4-H Extension office for the county contest ( Due September 15th) There is no need to resubmit your 4-H Portfolio again. The Extension office wil let us know which Exhibitors submitted their portfolios. 

If you claimed FFA at tagging, you will need to submit your FFA portfolio to your Ag Advisor. The Ag Advisor will let us know when your portfolio is complete. Your due date is also October 15th.  Checks will be mailed out sometime in November ( This is an estimated time frame.. that is subject to change) If your portfolio was completed by October 15th or BEFORE, you will recieve your check as soon as we issue them. Any portfolios turned in AFTER the October 15th deadline, will be mailed out at the discretion of the Box Elder Junior Livestock Board. 

For 4-H Portfolio resources.. please visit HERE  ....   For FFA record book help, here is a YOU TUBE video for help, you can also get in touch with your FFA Advisor. 

Please subit your portfolio here: 






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Box Elder School District accounts are blocked from using google forms- you will not be able to submit if you are using a BESD account. Simply switch accounts and you'll be set!


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